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Frequently Asked Questions

What are zirbeads and how do they work?

Zirbeads’ higher density allows for a smaller diameter bead, resulting in more beads per charge, and providing more contact points for the product during residence. Using Zirbeads can double the number of beads per unit of weight.

Can I mix zirbeads with other dispersion media?

Never mix Zirbeads with other media. Zirbeads will grind-up lower density media such as zircon and glass beads, contaminating the product and causing undue wear on the mill. The wear rate of Zirbeads is one half to one third that of other dispersion media.

What are the best pre-mixes for zirbeads?

High viscosity and high percent solid formulations, such as automotive coatings and inks, are the ideal pre-mixes for Zirbeads. The characteristically higher mass of Zirbeads provides the greater power (kinetic energy) needed by formulations of this nature.

What is the viscosity of zirbeads?

Zirbeads are designed for a formulation viscosity no less than 1000 cps, although milling of lower viscosity formulas is possible. As the viscosity drops, the balance between speed and bead size becomes more critical, to avoid excessive wear on the mill and the media itself.

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