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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Zillertal Railway?

Zillertal Railway. The Zillertal Railway or Zillertalbahn is a 760 mm (2 ft 5 15⁄ 16 in) gauge independent railway running along the valley of the river Ziller (Zillertal) from Jenbach to Mayrhofen within the Tyrol area of Austria and is nearly 32 km (20 miles) long.

What is the speed of the Zillertalbahn?

Zillertalbahn Railway is 32 km long and passes over 35 bridges, past famous tourist sites on its single track with a width of 760 mm. The top speed of the steam trains is 35 km/h. So...please fasten your seatbelts and stop smoking.

What is LGB Zillertalbahn?

This LGB model is a faithful replica of the Zillertalbahn’s “Nr. 2” loco and includes a completely detailed cab, automatic directional lighting, a smoke generator and onboard Multi-Train System decoder. It’s a perfect match for the many Zillertalbahn cars in the LGB program.

How to see the Zillertal valley in Germany?

Today, the train is once again a popular tourist attraction and an exceptional way to see the amazingly beautiful Zillertal Valley. The beauty of the rugged mountains surrounds you as the old-time steam locomotive travels 32 kilometers between the towns of Jenbach and Mayrhofen.

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