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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Zichan stand for?

Gongsun Qiao ( Chinese: 公孫僑; died 522 BC), better known by his courtesy name Zichan ( Chinese: 子產 ), was a statesman of the State of Zheng during the Spring and Autumn period of ancient China. His ancestral surname was Ji (姬), and clan name Guo (國).

Who is Zichan 子產?

Zichan 子產 (d. 496 BCE) was a high minister of the state of Zheng 鄭 during the late Spring and Autumn period 春秋 (5th cent.-221 BCE). His personal name was Ji Qiao 姬僑, and he was a grandson of Duke Mu of Zheng 鄭穆公 (r. 627-606), and a son of Duke Cheng 鄭成公 (r. 584-571), for which reason he is also called "Ducal Grandson" Gongsun Qiao 公孫僑.

What did Zichan do for Zheng dynasty?

A grandson of Duke Mu of Zheng, Zichan served as prime minister of Zheng from 544 BC until his death. Under Zichan, Zheng managed to expand its territory, a difficult task for a small state surrounded by several large states. Zichan reformed the government to emphasise the rule of law.

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