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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Zemlyane?

A key artist in the VIA (vocal-instrumental ensemble) wave of Soviet music, Zemlyane was one of the first officially state-recognized bands in the USSR to feature elements of rock music. Zemlyane mixed hard rock music with synthpop.

What is zonezemlyane?

Zemlyane was formed in 1968 by students of Leningrad Radiopolytechnical College. Followers of bands such as Deep Purple, Iron Butterfly, and Emerson, Lake & Palmer, they played mainly cover versions of these bands' music until 1974 when they started creating compositions of their own.

Who are the original members of Zemlyane?

In 1980 original Zemlyane lineup was Sergey Skachkov (keytar, vocals), Igor Romanov (guitar, vocals), Boris Aksenov (bass guitar) and Vladimir Kiselev (drums), usually accompanied by session members as well. Kiselev was also Zemlyane's sound producer and manager ('artistic director', in terms of the time).

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