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Frequently Asked Questions

What can be done to encourage civic engagement in youth?

An essential way to improve youth civic engagement is to reform school discipline. Youth have helped us to understand a complex, interconnected problem. By treating students unfairly, schools depress civic participation, which then makes school reform less likely and more difficult.

Why is youth civic engagement important?

From a political point of view, youth engagement is important because young people deserve the right to represent their own interests. Youth civic engagement is also critically important to prepare young people to be active citizens in a democracy.

What are examples of civic engagement?

According to me, one of the best civic engagement examples is when the citizen participates in the mission of making city smart and help city government to make India smart.

What are the benefits of civic engagement?

Civic engagement can foster community participation and government involvement. According to ICMA: Leaders at the Core of Better Communities, these are the benefits of civic engagement: Achieving greater buy-in to decisions with fewer backlashes such as lawsuits, special elections, or a council recall.

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