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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Yong stand for?

YUWNG(Chinese) YONG(Korean) [key · IPA] From Chinese 勇 (yǒng) meaning "brave" or 永 (yǒng) meaning "perpetual, eternal". This can also be a single-character Korean name, for example from the hanja 勇 meaning "brave". This name can be formed by other characters besides those listed here.

Where is yyong Yong Yong located?

Yong Yong is located on Ferry Street in Malden. It is in close proximity to Malden High School. The restaurant has a good size parking lot for patrons that it shares with a U-Haul parking lot.

What does yyong stand for?

Yong ( Chinese: 永 ), Chinese character for "permanence", unique in that the character contains eight strokes common to Chinese characters; see Eight Principles of Yong Yong ( Chinese: 用 ), Chinese character for "use" or "function"; in Neo-Confucianism, often associated with Ti ("substance" or "body")

Is Yong pronounced as ryong in Korean?

Most hanja with the reading Yong are pronounced that way in all dialects of Korean. However, the character used to write the family name ( 龍, meaning "dragon"), is also read as Ryong and spelled as such in hangul (룡).

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