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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is YISD called the district?

It is because of employees like Joe Flores that YISD is "THE DISTRICT." View more Service Excellence Kudos. Kudos to Coach Duran at REL Washington Elementary School!

What is it like to work at YISD?

They do an exceptional job at maintaining YISD campuses and facilities impeccable and pristine aesthetically all year round. They exude a great attitude as they work arduously even in inclement weather. They extend camaraderie to other wonderful departments such as Transportation. Great job!

Why choose YISD wellness clinic?

We are truly blessed to have such a great staff in the YISD Wellness Clinic. Our family depends on them so much and they have diagnosed all our medical needs perfectly. From all our HEART, Thank You!

Who is driving for YISD transportation?

Kudos to YISD Transportation! A million Kudos to YISD transportation with Mr. Mario Gomez and MCI Professional Driver Mr. Ruben Acosta for serving our District Regional Championships Track team and their coaches. They went above and beyond!

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