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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the new partner to the yasaran holding?

Being the new partner to the Yasaran Holding, Erdogan unleashes his wrath to his uncle Resat; leaving him with no alternative but to play a deadly mouse-hunt game with him. While Kerim tries to get closer to Fatmagul she announces she wants an official divorce; Mukaddes in turn changes events.

Who is Engin Selim yasaran?

In this Turkish Drama, Romance Series Engin portrayed Selim Yasaran’s role in 80 Episodes alongside Beren Saat, Firat Çelik, Seda Güven, Esra Dermancioglu, Sumru Yavrucuk, and some other artist. His luck changed completely after working in the director Hilal Saral TV series, and he has never lacked work in the entertainment industry.

Who is the Yaşar group?

The initial steps of the Yaşar Group were taken by a young Durmuş Yaşar, when he started to sell boat and marine supplies in Rhodes. In 1927, he progressed to opening his first shop, named ‘Durmuş Yaşar Müessesesi,’ which sold marine supplies and paints in the Seritçiler Çarşısı in Izmir.

Who is Durmuş Yaşar?

Durmuş Yaşar Müessesesi, an enterprise established by Durmuş Yaşar in 1927 in İzmir to sell marine materials and paints, formed the foundation of Yaşar Group, one of Turkey’s leading business conglomerates.

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