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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find YASARA view?

Availability and implementation: YASARA View, a molecular modeling program built around the visualization algorithm described here, is freely available (including commercial use) for Linux, MacOS, Windows and Android (Intel) from Contact: [email protected]

What is YASARA model?

YASARA Model contains YASARA View and adds all the functions you need to explore, analyze and model small to macromolecules in a production environment. This includes many features you often miss: unlimited undo/redo, macro recorder, quad-buffered stereo with shutter glasses or stereoscopic screens .

Is there a free version of YASARA?

Here you can download the first stage 'YASARA View', which is free for academic and commercial use. Features include molecular graphics and basic molecular modeling (editing and analyzing molecules).

How do I perform analysis of the molecules in YASARA?

You can manipulate the view and perform analysis of the molecules in YASARA through two methods: the Console and the Menu system ( 2.4 ). The console can be accessed by pressing the Space Bar. The console will appear at the bottom of the program window as shown in Figure 2.3.

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