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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest version of YASARA?

If you have already used YASARA before, click here to download YASARA again or update to version 21.8.26. If you want to know what is new, visit the changelog.

Do I have to pay to use YASARA?

You can obtain the initial stage ' YASARA View ' for free, while higher stages ( YASARA Model, YASARA Dynamics, YASARA Structure) require a license fee that allows us to guarantee new developments, updates and support also in the future, independent of temporary grants. As a YASARA user, you are not limited to the role of a consumer.

What happens if I don't renew my YASARA license?

If you do not renew, but want to have YASARA support and updates again some time later, you need to buy a new license (but you get at least a 25% discount if you tell us ). License changes: You can increase your YASARA license at any time (e.g. from YASARA Dynamics to YASARA Structure, from single user to group leader etc.).

Where can I find solutions for YASARA multimedia presentations?

If you are looking for multimedia presentations or have a problem to solve, visit the YASARA repository. Someone else may already have provided the solution. Click here to access the repository.

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