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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use The FoldX tools in YASARA?

All FoldX tools in YASARA can be accessed by clicking: Analyze > FoldX > ... Context menus A subset of the FoldX tools is also accessible via the atom-, residue-, molecule- and object-context menus. The atom context menuappears when an atom is selected and the right-mouse button is clicked.

What is YASARA structure used for?

Here, we describe the use of the program YASARA Structure. Protocols for two specific biocatalytic applications, including both homology modeling and molecular modeling such as energy minimization, molecular docking simulations and molecular dynamics simulations, are shown.

What is the latest version of YASARA?

If you have already used YASARA before, click here to download YASARA again or update to version 21.8.26. If you want to know what is new, visit the changelog.

How do I open the console in YASARA?

The console should open by default, but when it fails, you can enter the console by pressing the spacebar once or twice. FoldX tools menu in YASARA All FoldX tools in YASARA can be accessed by clicking:

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