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Frequently Asked Questions

What is YASARA used for?

YASARA. Yet Another Scientific Artificial Reality Application ( YASARA) is a computer program for molecular visualising, modelling, and dynamics. It has many scientific uses, as expressed by the large number of scientific articles mentioning the software. The free version of YASARA is well suited to bioinformatics education.

Is the YASARA view free to use?

Since this server is a free service, it is not our goal to make it "super convenient" like the YASARA application itself. Please don't be annoyed that you have to download the free YASARA View to open the results and convert them to your favorite format.

How do I update YASARA?

If you have already used YASARA before, click here to download YASARA again or update to version 21.8.26. If you want to know what is new, visit the changelog. If you are looking for multimedia presentations or have a problem to solve, visit the YASARA repository.

What is YASARA energy minimization server?

YASARA Energy Minimization Server YASARA Energy Minimization Server This server performs an energy minimization using the YASARA force field. Simply enter your email address, upload your protein model in PDB format and click the 'Submit' button.

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