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Frequently Asked Questions

What is YASARA energy minimization server?

YASARA Energy Minimization Server YASARA Energy Minimization Server This server performs an energy minimization using the YASARA force field. Simply enter your email address, upload your protein model in PDB format and click the 'Submit' button.

Can I use YASARA structure on my own computer?

You can also use this functionality and much more on your own computer. It is part of YASARA Structure. If you use the results of this server, please cite the following article:

What is what if YASARA?

WHAT IF YASARA knows the answer?! With over 3500 citations, WHAT IF is a widely used modeling program, well known e.g. for its structure validation and prediction tools. The WHAT IF / YASARA Twinset is a unified all-in-one distribution of the two programs with extended functionality.

What's new in YASARA dynamics?

YASARA Dynamics contains YASARA Model and adds support for molecular simulations. Beside the YASARA NOVA Force Field and the new highly accurate YAMBER force fields, you can use other well known MD force fields like AMBER, and run accurate all-atom MD simulations in aqueous solution with Particle Mesh Ewald longrange electrostatics.

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