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Frequently Asked Questions

What are plugplugins in YASARA?

Plugins are Python scripts or Yanaconda macros that extend YASARA's user interface and get activated when you click the respective option. They are the method of choice to extend YASARA with your own functions.

What can I do with The FoldX plugin for YASARA?

By installing the FoldX plugin for YASARA, you can access the most important FoldX tools at the touch of a button in the 3D graphical YASARA interface. You directly see the results of your FoldX protein analysis on screen.

What operating systems are available for YASARA?

FoldX, YASARA and the FoldX plugin for YASARA are all available for Linux, MacOSX and Windows. This manual is a guide through the installation and usage of the FoldX plugin for YASARA.

How can I get free access to YASARA?

If you decide to share your developments with the community (macros, movies, Python plugins or just feedback), you receive credits that in turn give you free access to all stages of YASARA. Click here to see how others work with YASARA..

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