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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the user manual for YASARA?

The full user manual is not available online, click Help > Show user manual in YASARA or open the file yasara/doc/index.html in your browser. Clear all objects and bitmaps for a fresh start or reset YASARA entirely, including simulation parameters and undo-history. Load PDB files and save them again in standard PDB or X-Plor format.

What operating systems are available for YASARA?

FoldX, YASARA and the FoldX plugin for YASARA are all available for Linux, MacOSX and Windows. This manual is a guide through the installation and usage of the FoldX plugin for YASARA.

How to use what if with twinset YASARA?

And vice versa, users of the Twinset YASARA can simply run WHAT IF commands, so that WHAT IF inherits YASARA's user interface, graphics engine, macro language and convenience functions like unlimited undo/redo. This approach makes WHAT IF quickly accessible, also to users outside the bioinformatics expert community.

What is YASARA?

YASARA is a molecular-graphics, -modeling and -simulation program that finally makes it really easy to answer your biological questions. The 3D graphics and intuitive interface make it a very user-friendly protein and nucleic acid analysis package. It is also easily extendable by means of plugins.

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