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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free version of YASARA?

Here you can download the first stage 'YASARA View', which is free for academic and commercial use. Features include molecular graphics and basic molecular modeling (editing and analyzing molecules).

What is YASARA view?

YASARA View is available for free and contains all the functions you need to explore a macromolecular structure interactively.

How do I update YASARA?

If you have already used YASARA before, click here to download YASARA again or update to version 21.8.26. If you want to know what is new, visit the changelog. If you are looking for multimedia presentations or have a problem to solve, visit the YASARA repository.

What can you do with YASARA?

As a bonus, you get YASARA's innovative 3D engine, which is up to 10 times faster than what you usually know from Vulkan and OpenGL, you can load thousands of structures at the same time, move them around independently, create publication-quality ray-traced images including labels, and program your own macros and Python plugins.

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