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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the applications of YASARA dock?

One possible application of the docking module YASARA DOCK is the prediction of these specific protein/ DNA-interactions.

What is YASARA structure in YASARA?

YASARA Structure contains YASARA Dynamics and adds all the functions needed to predict and validate macromolecular structures, including ligand docking and highly accurate force fields with knowledge-based potentials, and an optional module for NMR structure determination.

What's new in YASARA dynamics?

YASARA Dynamics contains YASARA Model and adds support for molecular simulations. Beside the YASARA NOVA Force Field and the new highly accurate YAMBER force fields, you can use other well known MD force fields like AMBER, and run accurate all-atom MD simulations in aqueous solution with Particle Mesh Ewald longrange electrostatics.

What can you do with YASARA?

As a bonus, you get YASARA's innovative 3D engine, which is up to 10 times faster than what you usually know from Vulkan and OpenGL, you can load thousands of structures at the same time, move them around independently, create publication-quality ray-traced images including labels, and program your own macros and Python plugins.

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