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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of yasak?

Yasak was gradually introduced in North Asia in the 17th century as a consequence of Russia's conquest of Siberia. The Tsar's relationship with natives was based on the quid pro quo principles.

What compensation did the ancient yasak get from the Europeans?

This compensation included tobacco, flints, knives, axes, and other useful tools. Some native populations, especially in the Far East, favoured multi-colored crystal beads. The local voyevoda could also provide the yasak-payers ("ясачные люди") with supplies of provisions such as fish oil .

How many episodes are there in yasak Elma?

Yasak Elma. 2h | Drama, Romance | TV Series (2018– ) Episode Guide. 103 episodes. Three things in life can not be hidden "love, smoke and lack of money". The social society and the events behind the business world are told.

Who was responsible for yasak collection in Muscovite Russia?

The Siberian Prikaz was responsible for yasak collection in Muscovite Russia. In 1727, an ukase decreed that yasak could be paid in cash, but this measure was found to be less than profitable for the imperial treasury and, twelve years later, it was revoked.

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