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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of person is Xiang ye?

Xiang Ye is considered to be intelligent by many and very creative. Xiang Ye has a keen mind for business and also has a generous and kind nature, trying to help others as much as he can. He is confident in his abilities and also a bit arrogant but tends to not underestimate his opponents, rather preferring to fight them well-prepared and ready.

Who is Xiang ye in my Wife is a demon queen?

And I! Am the juggernaut that you should be paying attention to!" Xiang Ye is the main protagonist of the story, My Wife Is A Demon Queen. He is a human from Earth who was summoned to this current world to aid the former queen of the Demon Tribe Isabella Osa in reclaiming her throne.

Does Xiang ye marry Isabella OSA?

Isabella Osa: The Demon Queen who summoned Xiang Ye into her world. Xiang Ye finds her incredibly attractive and wants to romance her, claiming her as his wife while entering the Human tribe. He is, however deterred by Isabella's fearsome power and her cold demeanor.

How does Xiang ye react to Isabella's situation?

Xiang Ye, while intimidated by Isabella, does not hesitate to remind her of the reality of her situation, and that by blindly attacking her enemy's without a strategy she will play right into the enemy's hands, which Isabella reluctantly agrees.

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