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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Google your homepage?

How to Make Google Your Homepage. Internet Explorer Go to Tools in the menu bar at the top of the browser and select Internet Options, then the General tab. Under Home Page, type in "" in the text box and click OK. Close and open the browser to see the new homepage.

How do you turn on Google search?

1) Click the "Settings" tab at the top of the screen. 2) Click "Search Settings". 3) Scroll down the page until you see the Google Instant section. Click the circle next to "Use Google Instant -- predictions and results appear while typing".

How to make Google your homepage?

Make Google your homepage Step 1:. In the upper right corner, select More Actions. Click Settings. Step 2:. Scroll down to “Open With”. Select A specific page or pages. Step 3:. Open the dropdown menu and choose Custom. Click next to the current default homepage. Step 4:. Next to “Enter a web address,” type and ... Learn more See More....

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