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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install Google search bar?

Installing Google Toolbar Search for "Google Toolbar" using a reliable search engine. Click on "Install Google Toolbar" from the results. Click on "Accept and Download" to download the installer. Run the installer to install Google Toolbar. It will automatically launch via Internet Explorer. Restart Internet Explorer.

How can I get rid of the Google search bar?

Open the Settings on your device. Locate and tap the application manager (this may either be called Apps or Applications or App Manager) Swipe to the All tab. Locate and tap Google Search. Tap the Disable button (Figure A) Tap OK to dismiss the warning. If prompted, tap OK to replace the app with the factory version.

How do I make Google search in my address bar?

Search right from the address bar, wherever you go on the web. Google Search is installed but not set as your default search provider. To default to Google, here’s how you do it: Click the Tools icon at the far right of the browser window. Select Internet options. In the General tab, find the Search section and click Settings.

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