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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a WSFC clustering configuration?

Several applications use clustering, including stateless applications such as Web servers, and applications with built-in recovery features such as database servers. You can set up WSFC clusters in several configurations, depending on your environment. [Read more] All vSphere WSFC configurations require certain hardware and software components.

What is the difference between AG and WSFC?

Depending on the deployment scenario, an AG usually requires an underlying WSFC, with the exception being the new None variant in SQL Server 2017 (14.x). A WSFC does not exist in Linux.

What is the relationship between WSFC and SQL Server AlwaysOn?

Relationship of SQL Server AlwaysOn Components to WSFC. Each server has at least one physical network interface on one or more IP subnets. The WSFC monitors health and manages configuration for a group of servers. The WSFC mechanisms propagate changes to WSFC configuration metadata and status to all nodes in the WSFC.

What is VMware vSphere virtual volumes support for WSFC?

VMware vSphere ® Virtual Volumes Support for WSFC ESXi 7.0 supports VMware vSphere ® Virtual Volumes™ storage and up to 5 node WSFC clusters. The storage array must support SCSI3-PRs at the subsidiary LUN level.

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