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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the WSFC Live subscription?

Now, friends and relatives who can't attend local sporting events can watch LIVE from any device. Your annual subscription includes access to the entire network including all twelve WSFC high schools, JV and Varsity events, LIVE and On-Demand.

What are the new rules and regulations for WS/FCS schools?

All students, staff members, and visitors must wear appropriate face coverings while inside all WS/FCS buildings and facilities. Physical distancing will still be practiced as much as possible in all WS/FCS schools and facilities. New signage has been prepared for all schools and district buildings and will be in place by May 3.

What does the move to plan a mean for WS/FCS?

Monday, April 19 is when WS/FCS will move to Plan A with all students in all grades having the option to return for in-person learning four days a week. Importantly, the move to Plan A does not change anything for our students in elementary school. Those students already have the option of in-person learning four days a week.

What happened to the WS/FCS mobile meal centers?

The WS/FCS mobile meal centers will continue for the rest of the current school year to serve those students who have chosen to remain in remote learning and those students who attend the Virtual Academy.

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