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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of World?

2 a : extending or found throughout the world : worldwide brought about world peace b : involving or applying to part of or the whole world a world tour a world state c : internationally recognized : renowned, distinguished a world authority on gemstones Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About world

What is the world and everything?

The World and Everything ... In this narrative podcast, we tell stories creatively about interesting people encountering big ideas. It’s journalism plus storytelling, informed by a Biblical worldview. Meaningful discussions... Learn what you wish you already knew about our nation’s highest court. Level Praying Field...

What is the difference between the actual world and other worlds?

The only difference is that the actual world is the world we live in, while other possible worlds are not inhabited by us but by our counterparts. Everything within a world is spatiotemporally connected to everything else but the different worlds do not share a common spacetime: They are spatiotemporally isolated from each other.

Is there more than one World?

Different fields often work with quite different conceptions of the essential features associated with the term "world". Some conceptions see the world as unique: there can be no more than one world. Others talk of a "plurality of worlds".

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