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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of engaging a cm at risk?

Engaging a CM at Risk offers the owner the following benefits: Many aspects of project risk execution are passed to the CMAR, reducing the owner's potential overall risks. Development and management of alternative, balanced construction schedules. Full pre-construction services availability.

What are the advantages of CMAR?

Among other things, CMAR reduces the time to completion of a construction project. The method requires the hiring of a manager who is most often a general construction contractor with technical and financial capabilities appropriate to the project. An individual or firm can hold this management position.

What is EVEV advantage?

EV Advantage, a wholly owned subsidiary of UC Advantage, Inc., provides secure and instant access to historical employment and wage information.

What does a cm at risk firm do?

Depending on their qualifications, the CM at risk firm may also serve as the Engineer of Record for a project. They may be tasked with closing out contracts at the end of the project and handle the creation and storage of final documents such as permits and inspections.

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