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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund from working advantage?

When I called, WorkingAdvantage offered me a refund. Similar to reviewer Esco B. , they will really push you to accept a credit voucher. They offered me 10% off on top of that. I took it understanding that it wasn't their fault the hotel no longer existed.

What was your first experience with working advantage?

"My first experience with Working Advantage, (W.A.), which also should have been my last, was purchasing tickets to a Chris Brown concert only to have my sister and myself removed from our seats politely by security due to another couple already having purchased those same exact seats from Ticketmaster. How embarrassing!

Is it safe to book a hotel through working advantage?

"Do not book any reservations through this company. I booked a hotel reservation through Working advantage and even though it said that the reservation was refundable, they were un willing to refund me for the one day that I wanted to cancel from my reservation.

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