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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IKEA’s competitive advantage?

Cost efficiency is one of the core sources of sustainable competitive advantage for IKEA which benefits worldwide from the high demand for its affordable home furnishing products. Apart from supply chain and production, the company also saves money in the area of logistics.

What is it like to work at IKEA?

You work across IKEA and beyond to connect ideas and technologies, building on the creativity of the collective brain to create new business opportunities and better lives for people everywhere. You’re an analyzer and an influencer. You find the truth behind the figures to steer the IKEA business.

Why is IKEA’s operations management effective?

Effective operations management ensures the minimum cost of production. IKEA focuses on low manufacturing costs along with meeting the requirements for function, efficient distribution, quality, and impact on the environment. The organisation makes use of sustainable and recycled products in order to manufacture the products.

How does IKEA design its products?

For example, IKEA designs its products to be stored and sold as flat packs that can be easily assembled by the customer. In addition, IKEA promotes its products in a modular perspectives allowing for varied dimensions of the same product to personalize to yield greater variety.

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