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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ebebg the best employee perk program?

EBG has become like the Ford Motor Company of the employee perks program industry, certainly not the best, but by far, the biggest.

What happened to EPPSP beneplace?

They sold the 'Beneplace' service to Entertainment Benefits Group (EBG) in October 2019 for an disclosed sum that was made up of cash and stock in EBG. Beneplace provided much the same service as many other EPPSP’s, but its focus on client front end client customization came to an end as EBG integrated the company into their fold.

How to increase employee perk program participation through payroll deduction?

Studies have shown that employees perk program participation is significantly increased when purchases can be made through payroll deduction at work. To get this level of service, the employer must work very closely with Corestream to make sure that the integrity of the payroll system is not corrupted.

How much does an employee perk program cost?

Virgin America and Cushman & Wakefield are two of their biggest employee perk program clients. At $275 per month for 50 employees, the service seems to be pricing itself out of the market, but it also offers an employee rewards program ideal for companies looking to streamline their rewards via a gift-carding program.

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