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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of boats are available for sale in Louisiana?

The most popular types of boats for sale in Louisiana today are Pontoon, Center Console, Aluminum Fishing, Bass and Bay boats, while the most common boat brands available are Avalon, Tahoe Pontoon, Godfrey, Crestliner and Lund.

How many powerboats are there in Louisiana?

Powerboats are more common than sailing boats in Louisiana with 706 powerboats listed for sale, versus 12 listings for sailboats. The most common engines on powerboats in Louisiana is outboard, inboard, outboard-4S, inboard/outboard and outboard-2S while the majority of powerboats listed have gas, diesel and other fuel systems.

What are the dimensions of a workboat?

The workboat has a deck area of 116m2 and a deck capacity of 250 T. The deck crane is a 15 T EFFER 360 Marine Crane. JIB is 19.45 m (63.8-ft), 360 continuous slewing. The workboat is 28.50 m in length, 9.45m beam and a depth of 4.27m. It was built in 1967 and rebuilt in 2000. Location: East Coast Scotland

What kind of boat is a tow boat?

The Tow Boat type is a pusher. It was built in 1969 in Germany. It is powered by 2 MAK 6 M20 (built 1998) with total power of 1912 kw. Both barges were built in 1977 in France.

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