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Frequently Asked Questions

What is win the Wilderness Alaska on Netflix?

After wowing British audiences earlier this year when it aired on BBC One, Win the Wilderness: Alaska has been released worldwide on Netflix. The unique competition series follows couples as they participate in a variety of challenges which proves they can fare well in the wild.

When was 'win the wilderness' filmed?

While the show hit Netflix on April 22nd, it was filmed back in May or June 2019, and people who have already burned through the season want to know what has been going on with the Win the Wilderness winners now. What is ‘Win the Wilderness’ all about?

What are the 'win the wilderness' winners now up to?

And they won over the property, too. What are the ‘Win the Wilderness’ winners now up to? It’s been nearly a year since Mark Warner and Emily Padfield won Win the Wilderness, and the good news is the two are still together, and yes, they really do own the property in Alaska.

Will there be a season 2 of 'win the wilderness'?

As a result of the unexpected pandemic that began in 2020, filming a second season of "Win the Wilderness" has become a more significant challenge.

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