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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the odds of winning the Missouri Lottery?

Missouri and South Carolina. In New Jersey, no one won more than $300 with a single ticket. The odds of hitting the Powerball jackpot are 292,201,388 to 1. A player who buys a $2 ticket has about a 1 in 11,688,053 chance to match five numbers and win at ...

What time are the winning lottery numbers announced?

The winning numbers for Jan. 22 were 4, 26, 42, 50 and 60, and the Mega number is 24, officials in Atlanta said during the drawing at 8 p.m. Pacific. The jackpot increased from $865 million when there was no winner Tuesday.

What are the chances of winning lottery numbers?

The Mega Millions jackpot for Friday’s lottery drawing climbed to an estimated ... Grocery and Deli on Barbara Street in Newark. The odds of buying a jackpot-winning ticket that matches all five numbers and the Mega Ball are 302,575,350 to 1.

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