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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Operation Christmas Child boxes?

For more information about Operation Christmas Child, or to pack shoeboxes online, visit Area residents who are participating in the OCC program may drop off boxes at the Emerald Coast drop-off locations listed below.

How can I donate to Operation Christmas Child?

Just use any standard-size shoe box, label it for a boy or girl with an approximate age (from 2-14), fill it with an age-appropriate gift (s) and school supplies and hygiene items. No liquids or perishables. A donation of $10 will cover shipping and project costs. You can bring boxes or donations by any drop-off site

How many drop-off sites are there for Operation Christmas Child?

More than 4,500 drop-off sites are now open. The Samaritan’s Purse project will collect its 200 millionth shoebox this year. Operation Christmas Child has been collecting and delivering shoebox gifts to children worldwide for nearly three decades.

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