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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have so many dragonflies in my yard?

If you normally have a few dragonflies in your yard, but suddenly find you have swarms of them, it may be due to weather conditions, which sometimes collude to create an ideal environment for the insects to thrive.

Where does a dragonfly find their food?

Dragonflies start their search for prey the moment they hatch. Since they are born in water , their initial food supply consists of anything that swims in the water, or hangs out on the surface. That is, as long as they can swallow it.

What are some interesting facts about dragonflies?

Fun Facts About Dragonflies. Dragonflies don't sting and generally don't bite people. They have been around for 300 million years. When first hatched, the larva or nymphs live in the water for around a year. People in Indonesia like to eat them for a snack. Having a dragonfly land on your head is considered good luck.

What is the life cycle of a dragonfly?

The life cycle of a dragonfly is truly interesting, as the dragonfly hardly spends a lot time as an adult. The lifespan of a dragonfly just over a year, and its life cycle consists of 3 stages, namely the egg stage, the nymph and finally the adult stage.

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