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Frequently Asked Questions

What can students expect from faculty?

Faculty members have a responsibility to their students to entertain all questions relevant to the subject matter being taught and to discuss such questions, even if controversial, objectively. Adequate notification of assignments, examinations, changes in syllabus. Provision of reasonable make-up procedures for legitimately missed exams or ...

What is another word for faculty?

Some common synonyms of faculty are aptitude, bent, genius, gift, knack, and talent. While all these words mean "a special ability for doing something," faculty applies to an innate or less often acquired ability for a particular accomplishment or function. a faculty for remembering names.

What is the student to faculty ratio?

US Colleges show schools Student to Faculty Ratio For the academic year 2019-2020, the average student to faculty ratio of US colleges is 14.41 to 1. It indicates that there are about 14 students for every one instructional faculty and staff. For public schools, the ratio is 16.60 to 1 and 13.52 for private schools.

What does rational faculty mean?

Rational means not just a product of reasoning or capable of reasoning, but “in the area of reason” or “having to do with reason”. So the rational faculty is the ability to reason. Unless you have ever served on a Faculty Senate.

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