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Frequently Asked Questions

What are factors that affect the population of China?

China is a large country with a population of 1.292 billion, accounting for 1/5 of the world population. However, the geographical distribution of population is greatly unbalanced. There are many factors contributing to the unbalanced population distribution, including natural condition, social and economic development, and transportation infrastructure. In this article, we specifically ...

Why is China so overpopulated?

Overpopulation in China is mainly caused by high fertility rates, increase in longevity, and mass migration. This pushed for the Chinese government to enforce a new rule: "The One-Child Policy". This policy restricted the majority of couples from having more than one child. This caused for a lot of uprising and disagreement.

How did China become so overpopulated?

How did China become so over populated? The rise of industry and large-scale agriculture meant that families could be much larger than in the past. The social impact of the urban-rural divide led to more complex societies, cities, and more people. To this day, the advantage that Asia has enjoyed over the last 10,000 years has not disappeared.

What percentage of the worlds population lives in China?

China 2020 population is estimated at 1,439,323,776 people at mid year according to UN data. China population is equivalent to 18.47% of the total world population. China ranks number 1 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population. The population density in China is 153 per Km 2 (397 people per mi 2).

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