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Frequently Asked Questions

What is restriction mapping in molecular biology?

Restriction mapping requires the use of restriction enzymes. In molecular biology, restriction maps are used as a reference to engineer plasmids or other relatively short pieces of DNA, and sometimes for longer genomic DNA. There are other ways of mapping features on DNA for longer length DNA molecules, such as mapping by transduction. [1]

What is a restriction map?

The information from the double-digestion is particularly useful for correctly mapping the sites. The final drawing of the DNA segment that shows the positions of the restriction sites is called a restriction map.

How is restriction enzyme mapped?

The restriction enzyme is flooded on the agarose gel containing DNA and the mixture is incubated. Then the restricted DNA is observed under a high power microscope and the relative location of the restriction sites are visualized as gaps. From the location of gaps, the restrictions sites are mapped.

How can restriction mapping be used in cloning vectors?

Based on the sizes of the resultant DNA fragments the positions of the sites can be inferred. Restriction mapping is a very useful technique when used for determining the orientation of an insert in a cloning vector, by mapping the position of an off-center restriction site in the insert. [2]

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