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Frequently Asked Questions

What do adult and immature Dragonflies eat?

All dragonflies and damselflies are predators, in both their immature and adult life cycle stages. They feed mainly on other insects . Dragonflies are efficient and effective hunters, whether in the aquatic larval stage or the terrestrial adult stage. As adults, dragonflies feed on other live insects.

What do animals eat dragonflies?

Just about everything. Birds, especially the more acrobatic fliers such as flycatchers, swallows, kingfishers, falcons and kites, eat countless dragonflies, while spiders, praying mantids, robber flies and even early-emerging bats will dine on dragonflies as well.

Why do I have so many dragonflies in my yard?

If you normally have a few dragonflies in your yard, but suddenly find you have swarms of them, it may be due to weather conditions, which sometimes collude to create an ideal environment for the insects to thrive.

Do trout eat dragonflies?

They eat mayfly nymphs, water beetles, leeches, mosquito larvae, other small insects and even small trout fry. Dragonflies will stay in the nymph stage from three to five years. This means that even after some of the nymphs have emerged, there are others still very active on the lake bottom.

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