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Frequently Asked Questions

What is namesake?

Kids Definition of namesake : a person who has the same name as someone else and especially one named for another

What is the meaning of his grandson and namesake?

: one that has the same name as another especially : one who is named after another or for whom another is named His grandson and namesake is the spit and image of him … — Robert Graves How much did President George Bush influence his son and namesake George W. Bush?

What is the difference between namesake and eponym?

A namesake is a person, geographic location, building or other entity that has the same name as another or that is named after another entity that first had the name. The opposing term, referring to the original entity after which something else was named, is called an eponym.

What is the meaning of name's sake?

From the phrase " (one's) name's sake"; first recorded in the mid-seventeenth century. one that has the same name as another; especially, one called after, or named out of regard to, another Etymology: [For name's sake; i. e., one named for the sake of another's name.]

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