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Do IPOs affect the prices of other stocks?

We show that the introduction of a large asset permanently affects the prices of existing assets in a market. Using data from 254 initial public offerings (IPOs) in 22 emerging markets, we find that portfolios that covary highly with the IPO experience a decline in prices relative to other portfolios during the month of the issue. The effects are stronger when the IPO is issued in a market ...

What happens to private stocks during an IPO?

What Happens to Private Stocks During an IPO? When a privately-held company with equity backers enters the publicly traded financial markets, the private shares can be treated in a number of different ways. The private backers could sell of the equity shares alongside the company in the debut offering. These investors might decide to release a ...

Is investing in IPO good or not?

While investing in an IPO can be highly profitable since an “in demand” stock can increase in value many fold in a short duration of time, the decision is not always that easy. This article is broken down into the following sections: Before even considering to invest in an IPO there are certain points of consideration which should be kept in mind.

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