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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word faculty mean?

faculty noun. A division of a university (e.g. a Faculty of Science or Faculty of Medicine). Etymology: From faculte, from faculte, from facultas, another form of facilitas, from facul, another form of facilis; see facile. faculty noun. An ability, skill, or power.

Is faculty plural or singular?

The reader is absolutely right. ‘Faculty’ is a collective noun, and it can be plural or singular depending on the way it is used. And the reader is right about how one chooses to make it singular or plural: if the members of the group are acting as one—as a unit—then ‘faculty’ takes a singular verb.

What is the difference between faculty and college?

Faculty is a synonym of college. As nouns the difference between faculty and college is that faculty is the scholarly staff at colleges or universities, as opposed to the students or support staff while college is (obsolete) a corporate group; a group of colleagues.

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