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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wharf?

Definition of wharf 1 : a structure built along or at an angle from the shore of navigable waters so that ships may lie alongside to receive and discharge cargo and passengers 2 obsolete : the bank of a river or the shore of the sea

What is the Long Wharf in Santa Monica known for?

The Long Wharf in Santa Monica, also known as Port Los Angeles or the Mile Long Pier, was an extensive pier wharf constructed by the Southern Pacific Railroad Company in Santa Monica Bay from 1892–94. When it opened in 1894, it was the longest wharf in the world, measuring approximately 4,700 feet.

Where is the wharf in Tampa Florida?

Located in the heart of the Gulf Coast, The Wharf is the perfect bonus getaway for beachgoers and sightseeing vacationers. Prop up your feet after a day of sun and sand and enjoy the breezy atmosphere. Take advantage of all we have to offer.

What is the name of the wharf at the Houston Port?

The Barbours Cut Terminal of the Port of Houston, USA. This cargo shipping terminal has a single large wharf with multiple berths. A wharf, quay (/kiː/, also /keɪ, kweɪ/), or staith(e) is a structure on the shore of a harbour or on the bank of a river or canal where ships may dock to load and unload cargo or passengers.

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