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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in Wenatchee?

Outdoor Activities in Wenatchee. Grab your backpack and head to Wenatchee National Forest. This 2.2-million-acre forest has more than 3,000 miles of trails ranging from steep inclines to barrier-free for physically challenged hikers. Trails near town include Clara and Marion Lakes, a 3-mile trail that climbs 900 feet and is open to motor bikes and horses.

What county is Wenatchee Washington?

Wenatchee ( /wɛnætʃiː/ US dict: wĕ·năt′·chē) is located in North Central Washington and is the largest city and county seat of Chelan County, Washington, United States.

What is Wenatchee Valley's history?

Wenatchee's First Peoples and Euro-American Settlement For thousands of years before Euro-American settlement, the area was inhabited by indigenous peoples who lived on the land. The Wenatchi were a nomadic culture and were closely bound to nature. They subsisted on salmon, roots, berries and nuts and interacted with other tribes.

How did Wenatchee, WA get its name?

The city of Wenatchee was named for the Wenatchi tribe. I don't know why the spelling was changed. The Wenatchi Native American people originally lived in the region near the confluence of the Columbia and Wenatchee Rivers. This is located in the geographic center of Washington State.

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