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Frequently Asked Questions

How to define wellness?

Wellness is the state of good mental, physical and emotional health. An example of wellness is eating correctly and exercising every day. The process of learning about and engaging in behaviors that are likely to result in optimal health.

What does wellness mean to me?

What Does Wellness Mean To You? Wellness means various things to different people. For many people, wellness means physical fitness, holistic care, happiness, relaxation, emotional balance, stress reduction, quality of life and spiritual health.

What does word mean wellness?

Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth…to live a higher quality life”. Some have heard the term “holistic” often associated with wellness, usually meaning care that takes into account the mind, body, & soul.

What best describes wellness?

wellness is to be an attitude towards healthy behaviors as a result of adequate exercise, food and alcohol and the cessation of problematic drug and alcohol behaviors. This involves learning more about and recognizing diseases, being treated regularly for them, and being protected from injuries. Watch Can A Spiritual Advisor Be A Non Profit Video

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