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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Webzone in Web Parts?

A Web Parts zone is a defined region that contains server controls on a Web page, and provides a consistent user interface (UI), layout, and rendering for the contained controls. Zones are rendered in a browser as HTML tables. The WebZone class is the base class for all Web Parts zones.

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What is the difference between Webzone and compositecontrol?

The WebZone class is the base class for all Web Parts zones. A zone control is a composite control designed to contain other controls, hence the WebZone class inherits from the CompositeControl class.

Can I add part or webpart to a page outside a zone?

It is possible to add Part or WebPart controls to a page outside of a zone, but in that case they simply function as ordinary server controls. There are two broad categories of zones in the Web Parts control set, all of which inherit from the base WebZone class.

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