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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose webwebster University Library?

Webster University Library - We value students by acquiring and providing access to high-quality materials and services. Webster University Library - We value learning by fostering inquiry and curiosity in collaborative spaces. Webster University Library - We value global citizenship by developing services that promote global understanding.

Where can I find Webster University Press?

With a wealth of online resources, and libraries in St. Louis and at seven of our overseas campuses, the library is ready to provide help whenever and wherever you need it. We are located at 101 Edgar Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63119. Webster University Press welcomes works or proposals that may fit our publishing program.

What is Webster University known for?

As a worldwide institution, Webster ensures high-quality learning experiences that transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence. Our Accomplishments. Regionally, nationally and internationally, Webster University is recognized for its global diversity, inclusion and academic excellence.

Where does Webster University rank on the 2022 regional university-Midwest?

Webster University was listed at #16 on the 2022 Regional University - Midwest list, and was included in four best-of categories. Webster University will now require that all students, faculty and staff begin the vaccination process by the start of the fall semester.

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