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Frequently Asked Questions

What is handshake?

Handshake features a database of job opportunities, career development resources and events suitable for graduates. Create an account in Handshake using your personal e-mail address to get started.

Which colleges and universities choose handshake?

Over 700 top universities and schools choose Handshake to transform their career services. Stanford Michigan State Spelman Virginia Carnegie Mellon Colorado State Rochester UC Berkeley Princeton

Why choose Webster University?

Webster's small class sizes and attentive faculty provide a rich, personal educational experience that encourages innovation and self-expression. Global Excellence. On four continents, all Webster students have access to classes taught in English by Webster faculty leading to a Webster University degree.

What is the meaning of shake hands?

hand·​shake | \ ˈhan(d)-ˌshāk \. : a clasping usually of right hands by two people (as in greeting or farewell)

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