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Frequently Asked Questions

What is webseal and how does it work?

WebSEAL is a high-performance, multi-threaded Web server that applies fine-grained security policy to the Tivoli Access Manager protected Web object space. WebSEAL can provide single sign-on solutions and incorporate back-end Web application server resources into its security policy.

What is IBM webseal Security Access Manager?

WebSEAL is a high performance, multi-threaded web server that applies fine-grained security policies to the Security Access Manager protected web object space. Use WebSEAL so that you can manage access to your private and internal resources. IBM Security Access Manager is a complete authorization and network security policy management solution.

What is eternabond webseal tape used for?

Basic Use Eternabond WebSeal Tape is used to seal roof joints (seams) and tears, flashings, copings, skylights, gutters, etc. Perfect for repairing and restoring roofs on mobile homes and RVs. Extremely flexible, with no memory, so WebSeal conforms to virtually any shape without springing back.

How to shut down the Tivoli Access Manager webseal server?

Shut down the Tivoli Access Manager WebSEAL server: a. Click 'Control Panel' > 'Services' b. Click 'Access Manager WebSEAL Server' > 'Stop'. c. To confirm this action, click 'Yes'.

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