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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I stream South Park for free?

You can watch nearly all the show’s episodes for free on the South Park Studios website. You will have to deal with commercials while streaming the episodes via the website, but hey, it’s free. You won’t be able to watch these episodes via streaming devices or smart TVs, however.

Is South Park on demand?

South Park On Demand is a new part of the show's website which now allows Brits to watch 50 of the funniest episodes - as voted for by fans - as well as episodes from the latest series. The cost is £2 for 24 hours or £3 for seven days - which we think is actually pretty reasonable.

Is South Park still on?

In 2019, "South Park," still one of Comedy Central's highest-rated programs, was renewed through 2022. More than 300 episodes of the show have aired as of March 2021.

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