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Frequently Asked Questions

What does WCAB stand for?

Each year the Department of Workers Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB), Federal Grant Trade Commission (FGTC) and Department of Health & Human Service (DHHS) allocates at least 30% of the disability grant to all stationary bodies. Read More

What is the workers' compensation Appeal Board (WCAB)?

The Workers' Compensation Appeal Board (WCAB) hears and decides appeals from the Decisions and Orders of the approximately 90 workers' compensation judges (WCJs) throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in cases involving injuries, occupational diseases, and fatal claims arising in the course of employment.

What radio station is WCAB?

WCAB Radio 100.9 FM and 590 AM - The Best of Both Worlds! WCAB Goes FM! After getting so much positive feedback from our "Malt Shop-Sock Hop" musical weekends with music from the S0's, 60's. and 70's, our team thought it was a good idea to change things around a bit.

Who is the president of WCAB?

Jim Bishop, president and general manager of WCAB said from his office today, "This is something we have been working toward for some while. The FCC just recently opened up the windows for AM stations to file for the FM frequencies and we grabbed the opportunity. WCAB AM celebrates 53 years of broadcasting service to Rutherford County this October.

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