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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the watermark medical cloud-based portal?

We have also created an online platform to expedite results and make information more easily accessible to patients and medical providers. Our sleep solutions include access to our Watermark Medical Cloud-Based Portal, where you will be able to access all of your study-related information.

What is watermark medial?

and patients. Watermark Medial continuously strives to deliver sleep diagnostic solutions that are comfortable, accessible, and effective. ARES™ Home Sleep Test and its virtual cloud-based platform support efficient workflows and comprehensive, integrated, and customizable sleep diagnostic programs.

What is sleepmed?

SleepMed is the nation's premier provider of best in class integrated sleep medicine services from home and laboratory sleep diagnostics to outcomes-based sleep disorder treatments and support. ARES™ provides a comprehensive analysis of sleep health from the comfort of home.

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